LV Holdings - a private equity fund
investing in Israeli high tech ventures

We are always looking for new ideas, passionate entrepreneurs, cutting edge technologies, strong product offerings, and exceptional teams. If you believe you and your company have what it takes, we would love to hear from you. LV’s managers take an integral management role in support of the companies in which the fund invest, including aspects as strategy, technology, marketing and sales, to maximize the prospects of success.


A revolutionary baby care brand, whose award-winning line of feeding products and accessories includes the first baby bottle designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients. It was founded by a team of biomedical engineers and industry veterans who joined forces to bring to the market innovations that improve infant nutrition and make safe and healthy feeding a breeze. The brand was launched at the 2016 Kind & Jugend trade fair, where Its game-changing feeding bottle won Product of the Year.


Founded by kayak enthusiasts, Motionize is the first sports tracking company to use two independent sensors to bring you a complete picture of your movements. Our ability to provide you with insightful, personalized, and instant feedback comes from thousands of hours of testing during which we developed proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques. Professional athletes have joined us in our mission to promote Motionize Paddle, allowing everyone to improve their stroke.

FST Biometrics

FST Biometrics is revolutionizing the way industries, governments, institutions and service providers identify people. FST Biometrics develops and markets a revolutionary “identification system”, based on a patented fusion of technologies resulting in an injective identification and recognition of people, including a unique (patented) ability to identify people while in motion. FST Biometrics offers identity management and control, providing security with ultimate convenience. FST Biometrics is the future in access control, where there are no keys, no cards, no codes. The individual is the key, by utilizing a fusion of biometric parameters, which cannot be copied, lost, or stolen. FSTBM-UK is an exclusive distributor of FST Biometrics and broadens the outreach of security with convenience to encompass Europe.


CureDiva is a revolutionary e-commerce super store focusing on the specific non-medical, lifestyle needs of women who have or have survived breast cancer. It is the first and only one stop shop dedicated to the product needs of women with breast cancer, addressing the need to function while remaining beautiful and feminine during treatment and ever after. CureDiva serves as a unique place that offers a community built around products and solutions, ensuring that women have the resources to learn about what they need and how to get it. It offers women Products and Solutions, Support, Community, Guardian Divas (women that can understand and share first hand experiences remembering what it was like to be at the very same stage and a friend to ask and consult with about what is relevant to your life, Blogs, Tips, News and more.


ByWriter (“By”) offers a new way of searching and discovering valuable content online. It is designed for people who want an elegant way to get updated with credible, smart, and illuminating content. By allows users to instantly track writers they appreciate across their personal and professional fields of interest. It combines algorithmics and editorial judgment to suggest users with additional writers suitable to their needs, and creates a personalized feed of all articles and stories, facts and perspective, of the best, most relevant writers to any reader. Its like the Flipboard + iTunes of journalists, commentators, analysts, and opinion leaders.



A hosted business solution, delivering automation for on-line businesses to increase their sales while reducing the labor intensity of their processes. It provides a comprehensive solution, with a full suite of web based modules, allowing businesses to sell their products in multiple marketplaces such eBay, Amazon, Overstock, as well as to run their own e-commerce or marketplace websites. Kyozou provides automation to a wide range of processes including inventory control, listing management, marketing, checkout, shipping, and reporting, enabling merchants to do much more with less physical effort while improving their impact. It is now being used by hundreds of mid and large online retailers.


BornFree, founded in 2005, specialized in the development and manufacturing of innovative baby and family products free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates, PVC and Aluminum. The company quickly came to dominate the market, the choice of baby bottle for mothers; and the number one “lifestyle” brand with complete distribution across North America. It sold tens of millions of products, from distribution facilities located in Israel, the US, Canada, the U.K., Germany, France and Russia. BornFree products included the BornFree Feeding System, offering baby bottles, training and drinking cups, and orthodontic line, offering pacifiers and more products to come. The company was sold in 2012 to Summer Infant.

The Team

Dan Vigdor
Managing Partner - Executive Chairman

A serial entrepreneur and investor. He has been conducting business in Russia, Israel and the USA for over 20 years and he has founded, run, and exited several successful businesses such as, Cislink, Born Free Holdings among others. Lately he founded, invested and/or serves on the board of several companies such as LV Holdings, Alevo,, CureDiva, FST Biometrics,, and others.
Dan specializes in the growth and development of new businesses. He has an uncanny ability to search out new ideas and build a company from the ground, choosing winning projects, recognizing a company’s full potential and evolving it into a market leader. His innovative ideas have been the driving force in a long list of company’s success. The last venture he co-founded was BornFree.

Gil Lemel
Managing Partner - CEO

Gil is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and investor, providing guidance and mentoring to a broad base of entrepreneurs and founding teams. Gil was a co-founder, board member or investor, in BornFree, Kyozou, Cure Diva, and FST Biometrics, among others.
Gil was the general manager at BornFree until 2011. Prior to BornFree, Gil founded and served as CEO in the high-tech arena at Kyozou and at Comfy Ltd. Gil began his high-tech career managing one of the first Apple stores in Israel in 1991.

Shlomit Erez
Legal Advisor

Shlomit joined LV with over 15 years of experience as a commercial lawyer in the private market. She has wide legal commercial knowledge and provides legal support to the group on commercial matters related to software licensing, distribution, strategic and non-strategic partnerships and other contractual agreements.

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